28 Juni 2005

Introducin´ Eddy Kettenschwindel

Yo Homeboys and fly girls,
this is Eddy, the original Pimp.

My man, mr.t@XXXi asked me to drop a few lines for his blog, the schleudersitz, every now and then, so here we go:

I am an original Gangsta, since back in the days, when 50 and The Game were still wettin´their little beds. On the picture above you can see me with my mum, who is an original pimp-momma.

So, today, I´m going to give you a few inspirations on what music to pump, when you´re cruising down the street in your pimped -out ride and want to show the world that you got the FLAVOUUUR!!!

1. DJ Drez - Calicomm 2004 -> "Intro" Turntablism will never die!!!

2. Murs & Slug - Felt 2 (A Tribute to Lisa Bonet) -> "Life Vegas" Hell Yeah, Old Skool to da fullest!!!

3. Common - Be -> "The Food" feat. Kanye West Kanye and Common live at The David Chapelle Show

4. Mums The Word - Constant Evolution -> "The Be Retta Factor" feat. Mykah 9

5. One Self - Children of Possibility -> "Trying to speak" I love that Reggae-Vocal-Sample

6. Songodsuns (2Mex) - Over the Counter Culture -> "Minors Intro Fire" (feat Bus Driver)

7. THE UGLIEST MIXTAPE OF ALL TIMES feat. bUd uGlY & EvAn UgLiEr *coming soon*

So, if you got these tracks on your tape or your fancy little iPod-thingies there´s nothing to be afraid of. And to all the people, who don´t dig them: SCREW YOU, M****fuckaz!!!!

PEACE, out! CYa´ll!!!

Eddy Kettenschwindel

Special Shout-Outz to my girl annekinSKYwalker

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Henning hat gesagt…

sag ma Ben, Du laedst Dir doch den Spiegel immer runter !. Da ich hier kein peer to peer machen kann: koenntest Du ihn mir zumailen, wenn er nicht zu gross ist?