29 Juni 2006

schleudersitz TV

Since the tell-lie-vision has been broadcasting nothing but bull for quite some time now, and music-video-channels are not even showing music-videos between their ringtone-charts, the schleudersitz is bringing you some quality TV for free. And on that note: FUCK the GEZ!!!

So why don´t we start our show with some nice music videos? Some really weird shit, that MTVIVA would never ever dare to broadcast?

My good old friend BLEUBIRD with a nice little collage for his latest song "I make weird"

If you like that weird shit, like I do, subscribe to the Podcast of his label endemik (for free of course).

Hype of the hour BIG DADAs SPANK ROCK with the clip for their latest single "Rick Rubin"

A littlebit less weird, but also never to be seen on the usual channels is my best friend MURS with the video for his song "LA" (from his latest EP with 9th Wonder "Murrays Revenge" -> see also FUNKY BRAINDAMAGE #4)

You can also see it in better quality here.

A really beautiful video from a band called OTAFUKU REX starring a bunch of puppets(?!?) can be enjoyed here.

And finally for all you Space Night-Fans out there the first video of WARPs BOARDS OF CANADA can be downloaded here.

After all those appetizers, here´s todays main-feature: A whole documentary (1hr) about Bruce Haack, the king of techno on Google Video.

Hope you enjoyed our programme tonight and you will tune in again next time. Who needs a TV anyway??!?!?


28 Juni 2006

Swimming in Chocolate

After bringing us the DANGERDOOM EP, the guys @ [adult swim] have just another jackinthebox for us.

The CHOCOLATESWIM-EP is a colaboration between the label CHOCOLATE INDUSTRIES and [adult swim] and features Lady Sovereign, Mos Def, Diverse, Vast Aire & MF Doom and some others. You can get it as zip file (all songs as one mp3 + some pics) or as single MP3s here.


23 Juni 2006


Finally the most anticipated interview of the (last) year is here:


Published in the free UK based magazine FILTER (mini) and available as pdf here!

(Also in issue #5 a virtual e-mail interview with the GORILLAZ, pdf here)

But that´s not all, folks! There´s also a new and exclusive EP full of Remixes and Skits called "Occult Hymn" on adultswim.com including art and the latest DD Video "ATHF" (=AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE). Also free, of course!



P.S. Somebody should be paying me for that shit!

19 Juni 2006

The shape of things to come

To answer a few urgent questions first:

1.) Why is everything on schleudersitz going so slow? Where the fuck is FUNKY BRAINDAMAGE #4?

-> I´m fucking lazy!!! But ya´ll should know that already. And FBD#4 is finished, so what are you waiting for?!? Get it @ funkybraindamage.blogspot.com

2.) What does this beautiful picture at the top of this post mean?

-> That´s what I wanted to explain to you now, you moron.......

Festival-Time is coming! It´s getting warmer and the desire to move your body outside your stuffy rooms should rise, if you´re not already dead.

Me, myself and I decided to try something new this year, the MELT! Festival in Gräfenhainichen! Despite APHEX TWIN and THE STREETS performing there, the spot simply rocks (as you can see on the picture above, which shows the crane - the centre of the MELT!), the ticket price is OK and I´m looking for something fresh, so join me or die!

Another festival, which is coming up soon is the infamous HIPHOP KEMP, which we will terrorize for the third time this year. There´s not much to say about this festival, look at the schleudersitz-archive and you will know what the buzz is about.

I have a lot more on my mind, but comes time.....

So, enjoy the sun, buy your festival tickets and ROCK ON!!! Oh, and there´s a new track on our BECKSTOWN DYNAMITE myspace-Site, so at least check that out!


01 Juni 2006

Bremen StreetArt Pt. 2

(...wenigstens ein bisschen!)