29 Juni 2006

schleudersitz TV

Since the tell-lie-vision has been broadcasting nothing but bull for quite some time now, and music-video-channels are not even showing music-videos between their ringtone-charts, the schleudersitz is bringing you some quality TV for free. And on that note: FUCK the GEZ!!!

So why don´t we start our show with some nice music videos? Some really weird shit, that MTVIVA would never ever dare to broadcast?

My good old friend BLEUBIRD with a nice little collage for his latest song "I make weird"

If you like that weird shit, like I do, subscribe to the Podcast of his label endemik (for free of course).

Hype of the hour BIG DADAs SPANK ROCK with the clip for their latest single "Rick Rubin"

A littlebit less weird, but also never to be seen on the usual channels is my best friend MURS with the video for his song "LA" (from his latest EP with 9th Wonder "Murrays Revenge" -> see also FUNKY BRAINDAMAGE #4)

You can also see it in better quality here.

A really beautiful video from a band called OTAFUKU REX starring a bunch of puppets(?!?) can be enjoyed here.

And finally for all you Space Night-Fans out there the first video of WARPs BOARDS OF CANADA can be downloaded here.

After all those appetizers, here´s todays main-feature: A whole documentary (1hr) about Bruce Haack, the king of techno on Google Video.

Hope you enjoyed our programme tonight and you will tune in again next time. Who needs a TV anyway??!?!?


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