10 August 2007

How To Write A Dope Blog-Entry

1. Start of with a nice, funny picture, in this case a web-comic. Don´t forget to mention where it´s from and that it´s dope (cause otherwise it wouldn´t be on this blog, right?).

So check out the really funny and kinda useful BASIC INSTRUCTIONS.

2. Switch the topic quickly before anybody notices.

Now for some music, folks! Music for Robots just posted a Live Disco-Mix from their Party "People don´t dance no more."

Robot Blair & David Bruno - August Live-Disco-Mix

3. Write about some political stuff, to seem important and intelligent.

On the 18th of August Berlin will be hosting the FUCKPARADE (Ex-Hateparade) for the 11th time. The Parade started out as Counterpart of the mainstreamish Loveparade and is meant to be a political demonstration "for club culture, against drug hysteria, repression from authorities and police violence". This year it´s all about the "§129a. Anti terror laws against the own population. Illegal raids. And the massive displacement of numerous cultural projects by MediaSpree." and of course about hard, fast, loud and noisy music. For more info check the flyer below.

4. Give your readers some shit for free.

It´s PAPERTOY-TIME again! Yay!!!! Shin Tanaka is giving us his latest template called "Nooka" to spoil it with our own shitty-looking graphics. And here you can find anything from cars to Bill Gates house. For Geek-stuff like Millenium Falcon-Models and Star Wars Characters you should click exactly here.

5. Finish with a kick-ass-video!

This one´s for all the "Finding Nemo"-fans out there (and for the haters, too). While not being the best song on the latest Chemical Brothers-LP "We Are The Night", Ex-Pharcydian Fatlip wrote a funny song and invented a new dance to this one. The video fits perfectly and is fun to watch. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you: "The Salmon Dance"

6. Write in a different language than usual without explaining it.

That´s all it takes to write a dope blog-entry. Go ahead, try it yourself!


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